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About Us

Always Moving Forward

Combining the complementary strengths of the IPTCI, MasterDrives, PTI & TRITAN together with  the LMS, SST, SPB-USA & USA Roller product lines, Solve Industrial Motion Group™ has grown to become a leading provider of high-quality Metric and American Standard power transmission components and industrial-grade bearings.

With a comprehensive product catalog, highly honed supply chain, ISO 9001 certified quality control, advantageous pricing and the ability to custom manufacture bearings and components to fit virtually any need, Solve delivers products to meet the most demanding service requirements.

The strength of our product catalog is complemented by our unparalleled commitment to customer service, backed by an experienced team of professionals — with an average 15+ years of experience — who will always go the extra mile to get you what you need, when you need it.

We are not simply a manufacturer, we are a complete resource for keeping your world in motion.


The Solve Difference


To be the most trusted and knowledgeable “go-to” resource for power transmission products, support, advice, and consultation.


We Value Our Customers 

We strive to deliver legendary customer service. We understand that every customer interaction is an opportunity to create an extraordinary experience. We want to create the “WOW” factor that turns clients into customers for life. We value and protect our reputation and are proud of who we are. We are all responsible for our image and how customers perceive us. We all understand that our actions affect our collective reputation and are all individually proud to be ambassadors for the company.

Positivity Always Wins

We have the power to choose our attitudes, and we choose to be optimistic and see the possibilities. We want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. We understand optimism creates energy that can create success. We understand challenges happen and “stuff happens,” but we don’t lose perspective. We focus on our successes and constantly look for ways to improve. We are willing to share with others so they can benefit from best practices, too.

We Embrace Change

We know that what got us here is not the same as what will get us to the next level. We are willing to get outside our comfort zones and are excited by possibilities that bring change. We are relentless about continuous improvement and won’t settle for a “Because we’ve always done it that way” mentality. We constantly evaluate every aspect of our jobs and skills to find ways to improve. We are open to sharing what we learn to help others also improve.

We Think “Team First”

We assume positive intent when interacting with our teammates and consider how our actions impact others. We share information and are willing to step into another role and/or help a coworker to help us all be successful. We stay focused on what’s best for the team.

We Always Do The Right Thing

We lead by example by showing an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every decision we make. We honor our commitments. We approach every task with energy, focus, purpose and enthusiasm. It’s ok to say “I don’t know” or “I need help” – and we will seek to find the answer. We will always tell the whole truth and own up to mistakes, apologize, and do what we can to make it right. We don’t wait for others to change. We take individual responsibility for helping others.

We “Bring It” Every Day

We have a passion for what we do and are fully engaged. We take pride in our appearance and the quality of everything we do. We work with a sense of urgency and take personal responsibility for making things happen. We are proactive and organized. We identify, address and proactively solve problems early-on. We are process-oriented to help us prevent future problems from happening and identify solutions that are consistent and scalable. We pay attention to the details and are fanatical about accuracy and precision. We want to get things done right, not just get them done. We doublecheck our work and get the details right the first time.


At Solve Industrial Motion Group, our vision is to be the most trusted and knowledgeable “go-to” resource for precision bearings and power transmission products. We seek to accomplish this through product and service excellence, continuous improvement, and a focus on innovation. We are firm believers that diversity and inclusion drive innovation, and are committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and views. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. Creating a culture of equality that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our associates, isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing. Click here to view our DEI Policy.


  • Focused manufacturer of power transmission components
  • Sheaves, bushings & hubs, couplings, belts & belt accessories, timing pulleys
IPTCI Bearings
  • Innovative, reliable and cost-effective
  • 1/2″ to 4″ bore
  • Standard, Corrosion Resistant and Stand-Off
  • Unmounted radial ball bearings, roller bearings, and spherical plain bearings
  • Standard & Corrosion Resistant mounted ball bearings
  • Precision roller chain & ANSI power transmission components
  • Over 25,000 SKUs
  • Bearings, power transmission components and linear products
  • Metric and American Standard sizes
LMS Bearings
  • Standard, custom, or housed unit bearings
  • Mechanical power transmission components
  • Strategic partner to innovative OEMs worldwide
SST Bearings
  • Over 60 years of experience serving OEMs
  • Casting & forging capabilities
  • Radial ball bearings, mounted units/inserts, power transmission components
  • Precision Miniature Ball Bearings 
  • Specialized grease options including food-grade solid lubricants 
  • Custom configurations to solve OEM & end-user unique demands
USA Rollers
  • Custom Gravity Rollers 
  • Conveyor Components and bearings 
  • Made in the USA