Solve Industrial

Precision Roller Chain and Sprockets 

Precision roller chains and sprockets play a crucial role in various industrial applications, providing a reliable and efficient means of transmitting power between machinery components. 

ANSI and Metric Roller Chain 

Solve has a comprehensive chain selection, including drive chain, conveyor chain, specialty chain, and engineering chain.  

  • Increased waist width in link plates to combat fatigue 
  • Ball burnished for maximum fatigue resistance 
  • Shot peened link plates and rollers for increased strength 
  • Heat-treated plates, rollers, and pins for durability 
  • Run-in and pre-stressed chain to prevent initial elongation and fatigue 
  • Sealed pouch packaging, housed in sturdy laminated boxes for secure delivery. 

Built to Industry Standards 

Solve manufactures its precision roller chains to various international standards, including:  

  • British Standard ISO R606B/DIN 8187
  • ISO 9002 (Germany) Reg. No. 041003017 

When it comes to chains, Solve focuses on the quality of materials in its manufacturing processes. That means using high-quality steel alloys to ensure durability and resist wear and fatigue. Additionally, our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) provides attention to detail in the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent pitch and roller diameter that allows for the smooth and efficient operation of the chain. 

Roller Chains

Chain Sprockets

Solve’s roller chain sprockets are made of heavy duty forged steel, never sintered as some others, with black oxide finish for resistance to corrosion and long lasting durability and dependability. Teeth are hardened to provide extra wear life, extending chain life and saving on downtime and replacement cost. 

Hub Type Sprockets 

Hub Type Inch and Metric Sprockets are available in plain bore or finished bore, with custom bore and keyway options for any shaft size. Typically, these sprockets attach to shafts via clearance fit, secured with set screws and a keyway—ideal for light loads and slow speeds.  

 For higher speeds or heavier loads, press fits provide a more secure attachment. Sprockets may cause shaft wear if they move, but options with hardened teeth are available to mitigate this. Press fits require heating for installation, ensuring a tight fit as the sprocket cools. Solve’s tapered bushed sprockets are an easier-to-install alternative that functions similarly. 


Plate Type Sprockets 

Plate Type Metric Sprockets are cost-effective, suitable for single to triple strand chains, and ideal for sprockets with over 40 teeth. They provide easy mounting options directly to the hub or shaft and allow welding or bolting, which supports compact, lightweight designs. These sprockets come in various diameters and tooth configurations.