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Cylindrical, Tapered, and Spherical Roller Bearings 

Spherical Roller Bearings  

Spherical Roller bearings utilize two rows of rollers operating in a common sphered outer ring raceway. This design provides a self-aligning solution that is the combination of a radial & thrust bearing that operates even if the shaft and housing are, or become, misaligned under load.  

This high capacity bearing performs consistently in adverse conditions such as shock loads, shaft deflections, marginal lubrication, extreme speeds, contamination, and critical application stresses  

To enhance lubrication efficiency, the outer ring of these bearings features an annular groove and lubrication holes (W33). C3 internal clearance provides component expansion during operation at moderate temperatures.  

Spherical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearings  

Cylindrical Roller Bearings feature a cylindrical-shaped rolling element designed to increase the contact area between the roller and raceways. This design allows for heavy radial load capacity and permits moderate axial loading, usually in one direction. They are available in both single and double row designs to provide precision and rigidity ensuring smooth operation and minimal deflection under load.  

They are available in a variety of raceway configurations including options with removable inner rings, removable outer rings, and self-contained; as well as with various cage options including, Steel, Phenolic, & Brass.  

Their ability to support heavy radial loads and moderate axial loads makes them essential components in many rotating machinery and equipment applications. 

Tapered Roller Bearings  

Taper roller bearings utilize cone shaped rollers in an inner ring which rolls on tapered outer ring surfaces. A cage guides the rollers, and the tapered surfaces' projection lines converge at a common point on the bearing axis. Their design makes them suitable for combined (radial & axial) loads, and heavy axial loads determined by the contact angle. 

They typically have separable components, with a cone (inner ring with cage and rollers) commonly designed to be mountable separately from the cup (outer ring). This design allows for great flexibility in assembly, and is one of the key advantages to this type of bearing.  

Users can purchase cups and cones as a set or individually. Often, each cup has several matching cones, and each cone offers various options for matching cups, providing flexibility in design. Solve Taper Roller Bearings adhere to AFBMA standards, and users can generally interchange their components with those from other manufacturers.   

Many industries widely use taper roller bearings, including automotive applications and a diverse range of industrial uses such as industrial machinery, machine tool spindles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, speed reducers, and trailers.

Tapered Roller Bearing

Roller Bearing Applications

Because of their superior design capabilities, Roller Bearings find use in a wide variety of applications.:  

  • Wind Power
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Mining
  • Aggregate
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Gear Drives 
  • Power Generation 
  • Rolling Mills 
  • Shipping and Cargo Operations 
  • Railway Vehicles