Solve Industrial

Mounted Ball Bearing Units

Solve offers the widest assortment of mounted bearings and ball bearing inserts in the industry. We stock popular Metric and American Standard configurations with bore sizes up to 140mm or 4”. Solve is unique because it's one of the few companies that make four different types of locking collars for bearings. These types are: set screw, eccentric locking collar, concentric locking collar, and adapter lock.

Available in the following housing options, in both standard and medium duty:

Pillow Blocks

Pillow Blocks

4-Bolt Flanges

4-Bolt Flanges

2-Bolt Flanges

2-Bolt Flanges

$-Bolt Piloted Flanges

4-Bolt Piloted Flanges

Take-Up Units

Take-Up Units

3-Bolt Flange Brackets

3-Bolt Flange Brackets

Tapped Base Pillow Blocks

Tapped Base Pillow Block

Hanger Units

Hanger Units

3-Bolt Flanges

3-Bolt Flanges

Available in the following locking options:

Setscrew Locking Mechanism


Eccentric Collar Locking Mechanism

Eccentric Collar

Concentric Collar Locking Mechanism

Concentric Collar

Adapter Mount Locking Mechanism

Adapter Mount

Available in the following insert types:

High Temperature Bearing Inserts

Extra-High Temperature

Stainless Steel - Setscrew (SUC,SSB) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Setscrew (SUC,SSB) 

Stainless Steel - Eccentric  Collar (SHC, SNA) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Eccentric Collar (SHC,SNA) 

Stainless Steel - Cylindrical OD (SSER) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Cylindrical OD (SSER)

Hard Chrome Coated (CUC) Insert Type

Hard Chrome Coated (CUC)

Black Oxide (BUC) Insert Type

Black Oxide (BUC)

Mounted Ball Bearing Applications

Industrial machinery in the United States uses mounted ball bearing units in a wide array of applications. These units feature a ball bearing insert encased in a housing, designed to support rotating shafts while decreasing friction. Applications include:

  • Conveyors often utilize mounted ball bearing units to assist and enable the seamless transportation of materials on the rollers or belts.
  • Packaging Machinery uses them to support rotating components like rollers and pulleys, ensuring reliable and efficient packaging processes.
  • Agricultural Machinery, including tractors, combines, and other farming equipment, uses mounted ball bearing units to ensure durability and efficiency under harsh farming conditions.
  • Crushers, Screens, and other Mining Machinery utilize mounted ball bearing units to handle rugged conditions and heavy loads.
  • In Material Processing industries like plastic extrusion or metalworking, equipment such as extruders, grinders, and presses use mounted ball bearing units for material processing.
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems use mounted ball bearing units in fans, blowers, and other rotating components to ensure efficient operation.
  • In the Textile Industry, machinery such as spinning frames, looms, and winding machines utilize these bearing units to facilitate smooth rotation.