Solve Industrial

Corrosion-Resistant Mounted Ball Bearings

Specially designed for the Food & Beverage and Chemical sectors, Solve's bearings and mounted units that resist corrosion offer long-lasting performance in challenging conditions. Bearing inserts are available with standard set screw locking, eccentric locking collars, or concentric locking collars. 

All bearings are pre-lubricated with FDA-approved food grade grease. Solve’s manufacturing capabilities give customers the option to use specialty greases for even the most challenging applications including high temperature environments or those with high levels of dust or debris. 

Corrosion-Resistant Insert Types:

Stainless Steel - Setscrew (SUC,SSB) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Setscrew (SUC,SSB)

Stainless Steel - Eccentric Collar (SHC, SNA) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Eccentric Collar (SHC,SNA) 

Stainless Steel - Cylindrical OD (SSER) Insert Type

Stainless Steel - Cylindrical OD (SSER)

Hard Chrome Coated (CUC) Insert Type

Hard Chrome Coated (CUC)

Black Oxide (BUC) Insert Type

Black Oxide (BUC)

IP69K Series Bearings

Engineered to stand up to the most rigorous operating conditions — including high-pressure caustic wash downs and other cleaning and sanitizing procedures — the IPTCI IP69K Series is a massive leap forward in safety, reliability and sealing effectiveness. 

  • Unique IP69K Series contact seals with molded rubber composition provides superior protection against dust and liquid intrusion.
  • “Lubed for life” with H-1 food-grade grease to eliminate lube holes, grease zerks, and other potential areas of intrusion.
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction extends the life of the bearing.
IP69K Series Bearing


Stainless steel ball bearings are crucial in durable, corrosion-resistant industrial machinery. Ideal for harsh conditions, they ensure reliable rotation in heavy-duty equipment, promoting efficiency and longevity in demanding applications. Each housing type is smooth with a solid base, designed for wash-down and rated for chemical resistance.

Corrosion Resistant Housing Materials:

Stainless Steel Housing

Stainless Steel

Nickel Plated Housing

Nickel Plated

Thermoplastic Housing


Stand-Off Housings

Solve’s all-stainless steel stand-off mounted units feature extended mounting pads to reduce the contact between the housing and the mounting surface, creating up to 1/2" of clearance underneath the bearing unit.

Corrosion-Resistant Stand-Off Housing Styles:

2-Bolt Flange Stand-Off Housing Units

2-Bolt Flanges

3-Bolt Flange Stand-Off Housing Units

3-Bolt Flanges

4-Bolt Flange Stand-Off Housing Units

4-Bolt Flanges

Tapped Base Stand-Off Housing Units

Tapped Base

Mounted Ball Bearing Applications

Industrial machinery in the United States uses mounted ball bearing units in a wide array of applications. These units feature a ball bearing insert encased in a housing, designed to support rotating shafts while decreasing friction. Applications include:

Food Processing Applications

  • Canning & Bottling
  • Fish Processing
  • Food Packaging
  • Industrial Rendering
  • Meat Packing
  • Slaughter House
  • Sugar Processing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Bakery & Snack Foods