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Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Radial/Deep Groove Ball Bearings are the most common and versatile bearings. Engineers choose them for their efficiency, durability, and low maintenance needs. Their deep raceways enable them to support both radial and axial loads, making them versatile for applications requiring high speed and precision. Solve's radial/deep groove bearings are made from high-quality AISI-52100 chromium bearing steel as well, many are also produced with 440C Stainless Steel, which is ideal for corrosive and food grade applications. 

Common configurations include Double Sealed (2RS), Double Shielded (ZZ), Open, and with Snap Ring (NR). Miniature sizes and other configurations are also available. 

TRITAN Radial Ball Bearings

Grouping of TRITAN radial deep groove ball bearings | Solve Industrial Motion Group
Image showing the scale of EZO brand miniature ball bearings

Miniature Ball Bearings

Miniature ball bearings are perfectly suited for a wide range of light duty instrument and precision applications. They are available in multiple configurations, including Open, Double Sealed (2RS), and Double Shielded (ZZ)

EZO Brand Miniature Bearings (via SPB-USA)
TRITAN Miniature Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are light- to medium-duty bearings designed to accommodate axial and radial loads acting simultaneously. Standard versions feature a 40-degree contact angle but can be produced with either a 25-degree contact angle or a 15-degree angle. Rolling elements are separated by steel cages and are constructed from high-quality SAE-52100 chromium bearing steel.  

Double or single row angular contact ball bearings are used to support axial loads at moderate speeds. Single Row designs accommodate axial loads in a single direction and are frequently used adjusted against another bearing.

TRITAN Angular Contact Ball Bearings
TRITAN Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7205B | Solve Industrial Motion Group
TRITAN Self-Aligning Ball Bearing 2205 | Solve Industrial Motion Group

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings 

Self-aligning ball bearings excel in light duty applications where misalignment arises from mounting errors or shaft deflection. They are specifically designed to adjust to angular misalignment of the shaft in relation to the housing. 

Very loose conformity between the balls and the outer ring minimizes friction and frictional heat, leading to outstanding performance at higher speeds. This reduced friction also cuts down on noise and vibration levels, extending the bearing's life and maintenance intervals. 

Solve also offers self-aligning sealed bearings through its TRITAN 2200 Series. These bearings feature a high-quality polyurea-based grease and are equipped with seals to prevent dust and dirt from entering the raceway grooves. These are ideal for applications where the bearings are exposed to dirty environments. 

For applications a higher load rating is required (particularly axial load carrying capacity), Spherical Roller Bearings, with the same self-aligning property, should be used. 

Ball Thrust Bearings

Ball thrust bearings are specifically designed to handle thrust loads in low-speed, low-weight applications. These bearings are best suited for situations where the load is primarily axial, meaning it runs parallel to the shaft, rather than radial loads that act perpendicular to the shaft. 

Solve offers a variety of configurations with our line of TRITAN thrust ball bearings. These include light and medium cross sections as well as separable axial contact and banded (non-separable) assembly versions.

TRITAN Ball Thrust Bearing - W Series | Solve Industrial Motion Group